Miranda Lambert Made Her Denver Show…AMAZING!!

Got a chance to see Miranda Lambert in Denver Colorado at the Pepsi Center with LANCO and Casey Donahew. Miranda is still a bad ass y’all! It was a make good show due to her having to cancel when she was sick. Miranda is all better now and she sounded AMAZING!

The show was packed even on a Monday night. Talked with her for a few minutes backstage while she insisted we have a jack and coke (we did). Miranda had to cancel a few shows earlier this year because of bronchitis. She said she hated to cancel any of her shows…but when you lose your voice completely…it’s the smart thing to do. She took a little bit of time off to get back to 100%. We also agreed that washing your hands and make good shows on a Monday night is good for everyone! Seriously…wash your hands people!


Check out our Hillbilly Live  playlist on Spotify for Miranda Lambert music and more!

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