Cancel Culture Ain’t Working On Morgan Wallen

It appears the cancel culture ain’t working on Morgan Wallen after the uproar the TMZ video caused. Country fans are continuing to listen to his music in droves. His ‘Dangerous’ album sales have increased in the thousands percent (that’s a lot by the way) range. ‘Dangerous’ has spent 6 weeks at the top of multiple albums charts.

Morgan is by far one of the nicest people you could ever meet and have a beer with. We’ve had plenty with him. He treats people like they want to be treated and fans aren’t letting him down. The numbers are proving that even with the country music industry helping the mob of the cancel culture trying to ruin him for being a human being himself.

We all make mistakes and some of us have to apologize a little more than others. He’s apologized. Multiple times now. No one is perfect and casting stones at people when the majority of people live in glass houses makes everyone casting judgment look a little hypocritical.

Country music is full people from different walks of life and we’re all family with a few issues…but we’re family. Country music needs Morgan Wallen and the numbers are proving that. Country fans are telling the country music industry that they don’t really give a shit about Morgan Wallen being a human being.

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