Jamey Johnson And Randy Houser At The Opry Is The Only Thing You Need Today

Jamey Johnson and Randy Houser have been touring the country playing country music to country fans for the past year now.

Jamie and Randy finally made their way to the Grand Ole Opry together and their performance is everything you need to see on the internet today. These two men could possibly save country music on their own. They kicked things off with a stripped down performance of “Evangeline,” which is the final track from Randy’s extremely underrated 2019, Magnolia, album.

Between songs, Jamey Johnson handled the speaking duties. In his signature Jamey Johnson humor, he had the crowd howling:

“Y’all look weird… they let us take our britches off our face when we walked in here so that was very kind of the Opry. 

I know just like the rest if y’all we’re looking forward getting back to some sense of normal but ain’t this been so much fun gettin’ fat? Just fat. 

I mean, me and Randy Houser were the biggest duo in country music when we started touring acoustic back in February. And now we’re the bigger losers, we lost about 50 pounds a piece.” 

They followed up their monologue with another performance of Jamey’s “Lead Me Home,” from his 2006 album, The Dollar. It was actually written by Randy Houser, along with Craig Monday.

Garth Brooks later showed up to take the stage with Steve Wariner. We’ll shut up now. Just watch the whole damn thing. It’s worth your time.

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