Even Though Morgan Wallen Was Banned From The Billboard Music Awards…He Still WON

MORGAN fucking WALLEN was named TOP COUNTRY ARTIST, TOP MALE COUNTRY ARTIST and TOP COUNTRY ALBUM (for “Dangerous: The Double Album”) even though he’s been missing from action for the last few months because of the ridiculous cancel culture. 

Morgan Wallen was banned from appearing at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards over the video that was leaked of him saying something he probably shouldn’t have said. He definitely wasn’t barred from being nominated for major awards, however, since nominations are tied to his position on Billboard charts as well as his music sales and streams on online platforms. Which we all know his “Dangerous: The Double Album” owned the charts for at least 10 weeks in 2021.

Morgan’s real fans never gave up on him. Mainly because his fans know he’s a human being and no one is perfect. Take his moments of being ‘not so perfect’ away from him. Morgan Wallen is hands down…a damn good man.

Over the weekend, the Academy of Country Music restricted Wallen from taking home any awards in individual categories such as male vocalist of the year over the viral video. Wallen will still be eligible to receive awards in other categories so as to give credit to his collaborators.

Morgan Wallen said it best, “the video you saw was me on hour 72 of a bender, and that’s not something I’m proud of either,” Wallen said in the video, posted to social media and sent to TMZ. “Obviously, the natural thing to do is to apologize further and continue to apologize because you got caught, and that’s not what I wanted to do. I let so many people down who mean a lot to me, who have given so much to me, it’s just not fair,” he said. “I let my parents down and they’re the furthest thing from the person in that video. I let my son down and I’m not OK with that.” You can see the entire video on Morgan Wallen’s heartfelt apology on his social media pages.

Never underestimate the real country music family. We’re always there for each other. Mistakes happen (sometimes often), but we stick together. Family and friends alway do look out for one another. That’s the real country music family.

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