“Time Marches On” Was Almost A Brooks & Dunn Song

According to Tracy Lawrence “Time Marches On” was almost a Brooks & Dunn song, but Tracy Lawrence put the song on hold before Ronnie Dunn did. The rest as they say is history and it’s damn good history.

Could you imagine “Time Marches On” being a Brooks & Dunn song in the ‘90s? Of course we wouldn’t have known any different if it was, but Tracy Lawrence sang the shit out of that song. He made us all to want smoke dope with the brother while feeling sorry for their mom with dad had a girlfriend in another town. Is clear complexion soap even worth using?

“Time Marches On” was hands down one the of best songs out of the ‘90s and it still makes us think about time never stopping no matter how much you’d like to just pause for a great moment in time. Tracy Lawrence recording that song was meant to be and that song will forever live on no matter how much time passes us by.

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