Eric Church Took A Shot With A Man Who Beat Cancer In Denver

Eric Church’s “Gather Again Tour” stopped in Denver. Church has always been one those artists who gives everything he has when he’s on that stage and it shows every time. He’s always been known to play well passed his time allotted. When he was just an opener for Rascal Flatts he kept playing well past his time on stage causing Rascal Flatts to shorten their time slot in hopes to not get fined for playing past venue curfews. Eventually he was asked to leave their tour due to him not wanting to leave the stage.

Eric Church has earned his title of “The Chief” of country music. His show in Denver at Ball Arena was well over three hours long. He hit the stage a little before 9pm and played solo for about an hour before his band joined him to play for another couple of hours.

Church pours his heart and soul on stage for his fans every time he plays a show. The love felt between his fans is felt when he’s playing for fans. There was a man holding a sign that read, ”just beat caner…do a shot with me”.

Church didn’t think twice when he saw that sign. He took that fucking shot, because that’s what you do for people who beat cancer.

Covid almost stopped Eric Church’s ”Gather Again Tour” in Pennsylvania due some crew members getting covid, but Eric decided to play those shows solo. Church’s Denver show…his band played with him and you can definitively see where the name of the tour gets its name. The fans, the band and Church gathered again for an amazing night of live country music in the mile high city.

Every penny spent on a ticket to see any Eric Church show is worth the money spent. God bless live COUNTRY music.

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