Lady A Is Pausing Their Tour For Charles Kelley

Lady A is making the decision to pause their “Request Line Tour” for Charles Kelley and his journey for sobriety. Hillary Scott, Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley are road warriors. Stoping a tour like this is not what they do. They’ve been entertaining fans since 2006.

Lady A made the announcement on their social media pages. Life decisions are hard and it’s even harder when you live in the public lens.

Although Lady A’s Kelley has not spoken publicly about his sobriety, he did hint at it in a recent Instagram post where he teased BRELAND’s song “Told You I Could Drink,” which features Lady A.

“Fired up for this one. Ironic since I stopped drinking haha.” Kelley wrote on Monday (8/1/22).

There’s no doubt Lady A can get through this. As long they do it together. We wish Charles great success in his journey to sobriety. Being healthy and clean is all that matters. The music business can definitely take its toll on you and you have to remember who’s the most important one to always remember in life. You are.

We’ll see you on the road in 2023, Lady A!

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