Ronnie Dunn’s Album “100 Proof Neon” Is Solid Country Gold

Every country music knows of Ronnie Dunn. Mainly because he was one half of the best country music duo ever, Brooks & Dunn. When Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn split it broke a lot of country music fans hearts. You know I ain’t lying. It was like watching a divorce of your parents…who you loved the shit out of.

Ronnie Dunn went solo and he’s released 5 albums on his own to date. Every one of those albums have not disappointed at all. Ronnie’s newest country music offering is simply perfect. There are 11 songs on “100 Proof Neon” and they are exactly what country music needs. To be honest. Anything Ronnie Dunn sings is what country music needs.

My stand out song on the album is the duet from two Texas natives, Ronnie Dunn and Parker McCollum, “Road To Abilene.” Of course I’m a little attached to that song, because I’m a Texan myself. Texans like to stick together.

When you get the time (probably sooner rather than later)…grab a cold beer or some 100 proof whiskey and listen to Ronnie’s album wherever you stream music.

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