The Video For “Wait In The Truck” From HARDY and Lainey Wilson Is Here

This song and this video are a hard story to swallow. Hardy and Lainey Wilson tell it very well. Country music has always been about telling you a story rather you agreed with it or not. This video paints the picture of how life is a bitch and doing the right thing will change your life forever.

Sometimes when you need help in life…it comes from the most unsuspected person when you need the help the most…and sometimes when you do something right…it’s completely wrong in the eyes of the law. Sometimes though…doing the right thing…that’s wrong in the eyes of the law still needs to be done.

Life is about standing up and always doing the right thing even if it means losing everything. Having integrity when it means your life may take a wrong turn still means you have something a lot people don’t. It also means you’re a good soul and this world needs more good hard headed souls who aren’t afraid to do what’s right…even if it’s wrong. Thank you to Hardy and Lainey Wilson for putting this song and video out. “Wait In The Truck” is a lesson worth learning.

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