Justin Moore’s “With A Woman You Love” Is His 11th #1 Song

After Justin Moore released his self titled album in 2009 and “Small Town USA” was heard. I was hooked on his music. Justin Moore is exactly that too. He grew in small town USA and still calls Poyen, Arkansas home.

Justin Moore should have 22 #1 songs by now if you ask me, but 11 #1 songs is something to be proud of when you stay true to traditional country music and when you are a man who only wants to be as country as they come. Justin doesn’t care about the glitzy pop-country sound that Nashville label executives love to peddle. He’s happy being himself, being at home with his family, real to his fans and being a modern day country music traditionalist. Which now can be considered an outlaw in the business of todays country music.

As long as Justin Moore keeps putting his style of country music out. There will always be country boys like me to buy it and show up to his shows to sing along to every song. Congrats on your 11th #1 song, Justin.

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