Miranda Lambert’s “Mama’s Broken Heart” Is Causing Cat Fights At Her Shows

This is a question for the ladies. Is there a certain song that puts you in the fightin’ mood?  Apparently there is and that song is “Mama’s Broken Heart!” Looks like Miranda Lambert had to stop playing it early in her shows because the fights would disrupt everything. It’s what alcohol and country music does to some people at shows.

Miranda said, “we had to move it in the set list because it was right before “The House That Built Me’  and the girls always get in fights. I’d have to wait to start my ballad because they’d have to calm down.”

The song is now first in line in what she calls “the final push” of her show. It’s where it really kicks into high gear. She does “Mama’s Broken Heart”, then Gunpowder & Lead”“Little Red Wagon”, and “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home).” Who really wants to go home though?

She said, “we do this final push at the end of the show.  So, if the girls are fighting, they can just fight through the rest of the set.” Then they can take their drunk asses home. Hopefully happy.

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1 thought on “Miranda Lambert’s “Mama’s Broken Heart” Is Causing Cat Fights At Her Shows

  1. For me, it’s Tennessee Ern’s 16 Tons. Of course, I’m a dude. But when That song comes on my inhibitions go down and my dukes come up!
    Hillbilly live rocks!


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