Avril Lavigne Has Some Twang In Her Singing Shania Like That

Shania Twain hit 90s country with attitude and did it with class. Her self titled album in 1993 got hardly no traction. Then she regrouped and came back with her second album in 1995 called “Any Man Of Mine” and changed the face of country music with this album. Making women proud and they all sang at the top of their lungs. Men did too. Let’s be real.

Shania was 90s country and her success kept going. She still sells out 20,000 seat arenas and Las Vegas welcomed her residency. Netflix even put out her documentary, “Not Just A Girl” , and I will be watching that by way.

FOX’s 2022 Academy of Country Music (ACM) Honors was held at the church of country music, the Ryman Auditorium, and I was happy to see how country music influenced people who you wouldn’t expect. Avril Lavigne showed up to perform and payed some much needed respect to Shania. Avril sung the hell out of “No One Needs To Know.”

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