HARDY Dedicated His ACM Honors Award To The Person Who Wrote “Quit” On A Napkin Left In A Tip Jar

HARDY grew up in small town Philadelphia, Mississippi and he grew up with a dream of being a part of country music. Growing up in any small town kind of makes it hard to meet the right people in the music industry. It’s not like music label executives are hanging out at the local Dairy Queen drinking coffee. You have to move to the city where you can be seen and heard in person.

Back in 2015 at a songwriter’s round there was a tip jar on the stage where someone was kind enough to leave a note in the tip jar that said “quit” and that fueled the dream of making it more sweet today. People who give up on their dreams or who have never chased a real dream are usually the quickest to tell you how you can’t make it. The thing is. If every successful person listened to those assholes. We wouldn’t have a lot of these people who made their dreams a reality.

HARDY eventually moved from small town Mississippi and he’s been chasing his music success for about 11 years. Now he’s become one of the most sought after songwriters in the business. After 12 #1 chart topping songs that HARDY has helped pen. He was kind enough to dedicate his ACM Honors Award to the person who was kind enough to leave that note that said “quit” in the tip jar.

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