Zach Bryan Replaced A Fan’s Tickets After She Got Scammed Out of $600

 Zach Bryan helped out two fans who almost didn’t get to see his show in Raleigh, North Carolina last week.

Someone posted their amazing Zach Bryan story on TikTok after their friend tried to buy tickets and got SCAMMED out of $600, but Zach made sure they didn’t miss the show. Which makes it even easier to love Zach Bryan.

Her name is Ansley, and she’s a college student.  She was trying to buy some tickets for her and a friend to see Zach Bryan, but she ended up with nothing.

Since she was the one who got scammed, she wouldn’t let her friends pay her back.  Good new though. Her TikTok post went viral and Zach saw it.

He said, “What’s her full name?!  She’ll have a ticket with a plus one at will call!”

Ansley posted on her own update the following night with footage of her enjoying the show.  She said, “Zach, I knew you were a king. Now I REALLY know.”  Here’s the link to her video from that night ~ video here!

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