Beyond Meat’s COO Almost Bit A Guy’s Nose Off

I need a quick ruling: Cannibalism still counts as eating meat, right?  I ask because: The COO of the plant-based food company Beyond Meat just got arrested in Arkansas…for almost biting a guy’s NOSE off.

We might be exaggerating a little, or maybe not. Here’s what happened:  His name is Doug Ramsey, and he’s 53. He’s only been the COO at Beyond Meat for 10 months. He spent 30 years with Tyson Foods before that.

On Saturday night, he was leaving the Arkansas-Missouri State football game at Razorback Stadium when a car cut him off in line and made contact with the front right tire of his Ford Bronco. (Arkansas won that game 38-27, by the way.)

That allegedly sent Doug into a RAGE.  So he got out…walked up to the person’s Subaru…and, quote, “PUNCHED through the back windshield.” (Wow, that fake meat must pack a lot of protein!)

The other driver got out, and they started fighting. Then, according to police, Doug, quote, “bit [the guy’s] nose, ripping the flesh on the tip” of it. One witness said he also threatened to kill him.

Both of their faces had blood on them when cops showed up, but Doug looked fairly unscathed in his mugshot. They arrested him for third-degree battery and making terroristic threats. 

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