Tim McGraw Fell Off A Stage Then Turned It Into A Meet And Greet

Remember when you were a kid and you tripped and fell, and jumped right back up as if nothing happened (as you get older that happens less and less)? Apparently that still happens with Tim McGraw.

Tim McGraw lost his balance and fell off the stage at his show in Tempe, Arizona on Saturday (9/17/22).  Good things is. He’s okay…and decided to turn the whole thing into a meet and greet with the crowd.

It was an outdoor show and he landed in an open area on the grass between a barricade and the stage.  So he walked along behind the barricade stopping several times to shake hands, give high-fives, and greet people.

Everyone behaved, although a few female fans hugged his torso and “accidentally” touched his biceps (obviously). The only ones not happy about Tim falling off the stage were the security guards who stayed very close and kept moving him along. Don’t worry somebody posted a video of it on TikTok.

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