How To Spot A Redneck: Hardy “Bare-Handed” A Black Rat Snake On A Golf Course

Tell me you’re rednecker than most people I know without telling me you’re a redneck. Of course the one thing I know for sure about HARDY. He’s not afraid of slithering reptiles.  He posted a video of himself removing a decent-sized snake that was on the same fairway where he was golfing.

Somebody else shot the video. While HARDY manhandled that snake like a boss. It starts with HARDY using one of his clubs to pin the snake to the grass. Then he reaches for the head and grabs it with his bare hand, allowing the rest of the snake to wrap itself around his hand.

Then he walks up to the camera so you can get a good look, and says, “that’s a black rat snake, right there, baby.” It ends as he strolls away with it…probably to relocate it in the nearby forest.

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