A Sign In Washington, D.C. Misspelled “Virginia” As “Virgina”

Spelling is hard and if it’s your job to spell street signs in a major city. Use spell check and ask questions if you’re not sure how to spell something. Washington, D.C. likes to complain about how Americans sometimes spell “the District of Columbia” as COLOMBIA…with an O, like the country. But they aren’t expert spellers either and it shows.

A local there recently noticed that the city had a typo on a “Virginia Avenue” street sign. It was missing the last “I”…so it’s V-I-R-G-I-N-A.  (That could be pronounced: “Vir-Gin-Uh”…”Vir-Gee-Nuh”…or, my favorite, “Vir-JYE-nuh”).

It sounds like only one sign was misspelled…the one at the intersection of Virginia Avenue and 18th Street. And it may already be replaced. Hopefully.

This past Friday, a city official said, “it was a printing error on behalf of our contractor.  They’re already taking it down, and it should be replaced before close of business.” 

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