Is Kelsea Ballerini’s Divorce Causing Her to Change Song Lyrics?

Kelsea Ballerini’s divorce from Morgan Evans may be altering her music. During her show at Radio City Music Hall on Saturday she switched up the lyrics on two different songs.

During What I Have…she changed “I got a warm body in bed” to “I got my own body in bed.”  And in Get Over Yourself…instead of “I’m the crazy ex that wrecks your life” she sang “I’m the crazy bitch that wrecks your life”.

Her fans are a loyal bunch because they recognized the difference.

According to reports both changes were “met with a roar of applause” from the audience. Here’s one more lyric-related thing. Kelsea’s new album “Subject to Change” came out Friday (9/23/22) and the song “Doin’ My Best” hints at a falling out with her friend, Halsey. 

Check it out . . .

“I was friends with a pop star

I put ’em on track four but

Wish I could take it back

I would’ve never asked

If I knew we wouldn’t talk anymore.” 

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