Ashley McBryde’s New Album Explores The “Dark Side” Of Small Town Life

Country music likes to celebrate the small-town life. When Craig Morgan sings “Chicken an’ some baked beans” and “Cat-napping on the porch swing”….I can smell it, and see it. 

What about the Jeff Foxworthy “You might be a redneck” stuff? For that, we go to Ashley McBryde. Her new album, “Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville”, is out tomorrow, and she said it looks at things a little differently.

Quote, “Nashville does a great job of telling you about tailgates and tanned legs, and we paint a perfect picture of life in small towns, and I love that we honor that.

“Also, though, those places are full of trailer parks and meth heads and people doing [crap] they’re not supposed to do too.” 

Ashley wants you to know the songs are NOT mean-spirited, though. Quote, “this is not an exploitative project in any way.  We are ‘tongue-in-cheek’ celebrating the diversity of life in the places that we come from.”

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