Chase Rice Has A Herd Of Pet Bison (Yes…We Said A Herd) And Kenny Chesney Gifted Him a Tractor

 It’s a good thing Chase Rice owns a lot of acreage, because his pets need it. He’s got a bunch of them too. CMT’s “Hot 20” visited his Nashville farm…and when he opened a bag of feed, his herd of bison came trotting in for lunch.

He said, quote, “During quarantine I had all this land, but I didn’t have any of the fencing. I thought about cattle. Didn’t really want to do that. I love bison. I love the west. (These) are my pets.  It’s weird. I get that.  But they’re awesome.”  

They also got a look at Chase’s Kubota tractor.  It was a SURPRISE gift from Kenny Chesney as a thank you for being on his tour.  

Chase said, “Kenny calls me over to his house the day before we played in Detroit…and we’re sitting there drinking wine, and I was like, ‘why am I here?’  

“I’m like, ‘I love you Kenny, but you never invited me over to your place before…and he took me out to the front of his house, and he had this (tractor) waiting for me.” 

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