STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: Gen Zers Are Pranking Boomers With The Fake “Porcelain Challenge”

Boomers and Gen Zers have been at odds ever since the line “OK boomer” went viral in 2019.  Now here’s another shot at Boomers. This one influencer named Sebastian Durfee posted a video last Friday about something called the “Porcelain Challenge”.

It’s a VERY stupid thing that involves kids crushing up their parents’ fine China into a powder, and SNORTING it like drugs…but the thing is, no one’s actually doing that.

He thought it would be funny if Gen Z started talking about it on TikTok…just to see if they could get Boomers to BELIEVE it and flip out.

It’s not clear how many people have actually fallen for the prank, but it’s been trending this week. Other people have piled on by claiming they did it.

With stuff like this, there’s always a real possibility that a few kids might actually do it and hurt themselves.  But luckily, we haven’t heard of that happening yet.

TikTok added a warning to Sebastian’s post before it was pulled completely. It also looks like Instagram may have blocked him too.

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