TikTok Is Now Debating How To Put On Socks and Shoes

TikTok has become the place for important life topic debates. Like this one: What’s the “correct” way to put your socks and shoes on? 

It sounds like a dumb question, but it turns out people do it differently.  Like, do you put both socks on first? And do you tie both shoes at the very end, or complete one shoe before you put the second one on?

There are apparently lots of possible combinations, but these three seem to be the main ones people are talking about…

1.  Sock, sock…shoe, shoe….then tie both at the end.

2.  Sock, shoe…sock, shoe…tie, tie.

3.  Sock, sock…shoe, tie…shoe, tie.

Someone actually polled people on this, and thousands voted.  Last we checked, the third option was the most popular:  Sock, sock . . . shoe, tie . . . shoe, tie.

In second place is:  Sock, sock…shoe, shoe…tie, tie. Those two got about 90% of the vote combined. Everyone else does it some other way. 

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