A Guy Called 911 On His Sister For Stopping His Laundry

This isn’t the kind of laundering you need to call the cops over.

This 27-year-old guy in Cleveland called 911, because his sister touched his laundry. 

It sounds like he was doing all his laundry at once, because he was on his third load and his sister was sick of waiting. So she took his clothes out and started doing her own laundry.

Both of them live with their grandmother, and it apparently started a big argument (it’s what siblings do). So the brother called 911 and tried to get the cops involved.

Police showed up but told him that a laundry dispute wasn’t a good enough reason to call them. They could have charged him with misusing 911, but they let him off with a warning. They told the two of them to work it out like adults. Let’s be real though. Siblings sometimes don’t know how to work it out like adults.


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