New Wedding Trend? Brides Are Super-Gluing Their Ears Back

Did you know Super Glue was used by medics in Vietnam to close wounds? Which is completely true, and it saved a lot of lives. It’s got many other uses too. At least according to the NY POST.

Brides are now using it on their wedding day to temporarily pin their EARS back. Ahairstylist in Brazil just did it for a bride who wanted to wear her hair up in a bun and the Instagram video has racked up over 20 million views. 

The bride doesn’t wear her hair up very often, because she’s got big ears.  But when she does, she uses Super Glue to pin them back. So the stylist said sure, and did it for her wedding.

They put a line of Super Glue behind each ear…stuck them to the sides of her head…and boom, problem solved.

Some people think it’s genius.  Others think it’s dumb, and you should just love yourself the way you are. That said, she’s not the only one to do it. A few women in the comments said they’ve done it too.

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