STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: An Unarmed Bank Robber Pretended His Finger Was a Gun

This would be the lamest bank heist movie ever. Or maybe it could actually work as a comedy. Anyway. This is a real story of total stupidity.

A 56-year-old guy in Florida named Paul Sinclair is facing charges after he robbed a bank on Monday…and used his finger as a gun.

He walked into a Chase bank in Largo, Florida around 1:30 in the afternoon….went up to a teller…and held his hand under his shirt, so it looked like a gun.

He told the teller to open her drawer, and not to push any buttons to trigger a silent alarm. So she complied but didn’t have much cash in her drawer. He only walked out with $120.

Cops tracked him down 10 minutes later and arrested him. They confirmed that at the time of his arrest, he was unarmed.

He’s facing a felony robbery charge and is being held on $10,000 bail. 

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