A Teenager Accidentally Swallowed The Squeaker In A Dog Toy

When doctors and nurses say they’ve seen some weird and laughable things. Believe them. Of course You worry about kids swallowing stuff, but normally when they’re toddlers not teenagers. Unless it’s Tide-pods.

One 13-year-old kid near Houston named Johnathan Serrano was supposed to be packing for a camping trip. Instead, he decided to annoy his mom by standing next to her while chewing on a dog toy. 

He was making it squeak, and she told him to stop, but he wouldn’t. So his mom tried to grab it. That’s when Johnathan ducked to get away…and accidentally SWALLOWED the noisemaker in it.

The little white squeaker in the toy got lodged in his esophagus, and he could still breathe.  But every time he did, it made the dog toy sound.  It was even louder…and funnier…when he laughed.

His mom took him to the E.R., and even they thought it was funny.  There’s a video of a nurse trying not to laugh and his mom said, “pretty much all the other doctors and nurses stopped by his room to see it in person.”

They put him under to get the squeaker out with a scope, and he’s okay. He’s actually excited, because now he’s TikTok famous. 

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