Busch Is Adding Another Exciting Beer…For Dogs

Two years ago, Busch created a beer for DOGS.  It was called Busch Dog Brew and it’s non-alcoholic…obviously…and they brewed it with flavors your dog will like, including bone-in pork butt, corn, and mint.

Now, Busch is coming out with a new flavor. (Because dogs…who can eat the same food for their WHOLE LIVES…need a second flavor.)

This one is called Busch Light Turkey Brew, and it’s made with bone-in turkey, sweet potato, sweet basil, peppermint leaves, turmeric, ginger, and water.

The beer is available on Anheuser-Busch’s “Shop Beer Gear” website at $15 for four 12-ounce cans.  (They also offer a “buy now pay later” option, but if your finances are tight, you probably shouldn’t be buying DOG BEER.)

If you’re curious, humans can drink the Dog Brew, but Busch stresses that it’s “specifically made for a dog’s refined palate”…so you probably won’t love it.

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