A Woman Unleashed Bees On The Cops To Stop An Eviction

It’s hard being a police officer. Especially when you’re dealing with people like this. Cops in Massachusetts dealt with a totally different type of “sting” operation last week.

They were evicting a guy from a $1.5 million home in Longmeadow, Massachusetts last Wednesday, right near the Connecticut border. In the middle of it, a woman showed up and unleashed thousands of BEES on them.

Her name is Rorie Woods, and she’s 55. The guy who lives there has been refusing to leave for two years and she was there protesting the eviction.

She pulled up in an SUV towing several bee hive boxes. Then she tipped one of the boxes over and smashed the lid to make the bees aggressive (when you disturb bees…they get pissed). She also put on a beekeeper’s outfit and carried a stack of boxes to the front door to stop the cops from going inside.

Several officers and bystanders got stung after bees swarmed the place.  A few cops were allergic, and one had to go to the hospital. Luckily, they’re okay.

Rorie got arrested while still in her beekeeping gear. She’s facing charges for assault and battery by means of a “dangerous weapon.” Bees are a dangerous weapon people.

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