Garth Brooks Goes To Ireland And Comes Home With A Bunch Of Tattoos

Garth Brooks spent the first 60 years of his life with absolutely no tattoos. Then he went to Ireland last month, and got all inked up. Which is fine.

He fulfilled a promise he made to his daughter Allie back in 2014. She was turning 18 that year and they were going to get tattoos together when he performed in Ireland. Problem is. That show was canceled, so he had to come through this time. 

He revealed where they’re located on Monday’s “Inside Studio G”. He said, “it’s my front left chest, it’s front and left back, and it’s a full sleeve. I have the five women of my life.  My mom, Mrs. Yearwood, and my three daughters.  

Garth said, “having them inked on your skin right here by your side, the rest of your life is pretty frickin’ cool. So my mom’s on my shoulder, and Miss Yearwood is right here on my heart.”

He didn’t show the tattoos but promised he’ll eventually reveal them. 

Here’s the link to Garth’s video –

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