Reba McEntire Fell In Love Over Zoom During The Pandemic

It turns out Reba McEntire has her own pandemic love story. She’s been dating actor Rex Linn for about three years now. He’s her real-life boyfriend, and also plays her husband this season on the ABC show “Big Sky”.

They’ve known each other since 1991 when they were in the movie “The Gambler Returns” with Kenny Rogers.  But they reconnected in 2020, when she filmed a guest spot on the show “Young Sheldon”, which he’s also on.

In a new interview with “People” magazine, she said their first date was that January. But they didn’t really get close until the lockdowns hit.

He was in L.A., and she was stuck in Oklahoma. So, they didn’t see each other for three months, but they talked on FaceTime and Zoom four to five times a day.

She says it helped them “create a bond and an intimacy” without getting physical. She feels like that helped them really get to know each other.

Luckily, they get to spend a lot more time together now.  She said, “he’s the love of my life. We’re pretty much inseparable.” 

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