There’s A New Mullet Champion Y’all

Scott Salvadore from Stillwater, Florida was crowned the “Mullet Champion” at the “2022 USA Mullet Championships” Mane Event. Public voting ended October 11 and the results were announced this past Saturday morning (10/22/22)

Salvadore told NEWS10 in September that he actually started growing his glorious mullet in 2018. “You gotta have the rocks to grow the locks,” said Salvadore. “I didn’t know it was gonna end up being a mullet at the time. My step-brother for Christmas got me tickets to the Daytona 500. Figured it would be a perfect time to start growing one.”

“You don’t choose the mullet, the mullet chooses you,” said Salvadore (he ain’t lying). He is also the owner and operator of Salvadore Firewood Company based in Saratoga, and owns the Landscape Authority LLC by the way.

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