Boxed Water Is Now Coming With Built-In Boxed Wine

Boxed water hasn’t really caught on as much as some people hoped (I mean it seems stupid to me), but THIS could change that. Boxed water is now coming with BOXED WINE, built into the same box (yes…with boxed wine).

Essentia Water has teamed up with the boxed wine brand House Wine to sell a HUGE box that combines water and wine…both red AND white.

The box has three spouts, which can pour 32 eight-ounce glasses of water…which is two gallons. Hydration is important y’all. As for the second spout. That can pour the equivalent of four bottles of white wine and the third can pour four bottles of red wine.

The boxes won’t be available in stores. Instead, “limited quantities” will be released on the Original House Wine website. They cost $45.99 each, while supplies last. 

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