STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: Police Found Thieves…Thanks to a Trail of Candy Wrappers

You can’t make this up. Police in Georgia recently busted a gang of thieves…by following a trail of candy wrappers.

Nine bandits have been accused of burglarizing multiple homes and vehicles which started in early October about a half-hour outside of Atlanta.

The thieves hiked through wooded areas to sneak into properties and cars…make getaways and stash items that they stole until they could take them elsewhere. Here where they got stupid, because that was also their undoing.

One of the items they stole was a bag of miniature Milky Way bars. One of the thieves was apparently snacking on while they were making their way through the woods. They left a trail of wrappers, and the cops followed it to their house.

The police have arrested nine thieves but the investigation is still ongoing so it looks like more arrests are possible. The suspects were hit with various charges, including burglary and drug possession.

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