A Hotel Chef Saved Tenille Townes’ U.K. Tour

Almost every artist has a “crazy” tour story, but I’ve never heard one about a CHEF saving the day. That’s what happened to Tenille Townes while she was on tour in the U.K. 

She was in a town called Penrith, England and had to leave for a show that night. It was a five hour drive.  But her tour manager [slash] van driver got a stomach flu, and couldn’t go. 

The guys in her band tried driving the van, but they failed for two big reasons. The thing is. In England they drive on the other side of the road and it was a stick shift. 

Here’s where the story gets weird AND awesome. She asked a hotel worker named GRINCH if he knew anyone who could help. Luckily for them he did know someone. He brought over the hotel’s Romanian chef named CAT and he agreed to drive them to the show.

Tenille shared this story in a recent Instagram post.

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