STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: Serve Beer from Your Christmas Tree With Miller Lite’s New ‘Keg Stand’

There’s no need to stash presents under your tree when you can store a quarter-barrel of beer under there. Thanks to Miller Lite.

Miller Lite is taking holiday drinking to another level this year with this new ‘Christmas Tree Keg Stand!’

They’re going on sale as part of Miller Lite’s annual Holiday Collection, the ‘Christmas Tree Keg Stand’ is billed as “a fully-functioning tree stand designed to fit perfectly around a quarter-barrel keg of Miller Lite.” It’s a large box with a tree stand designed to hold a 5-foot tree (weight up to 150 pounds) on top and room for a quarter-barrel keg (which holds the equivalent of about 83 bottled beers) and ice bucket underneath. Finally, a hole in the top of the box allows the tap’s spout to fit through so revelers can pour a beer right next to the tree.

There’s limited quantities of these ‘keg stands’ and they’re selling for $49.99 a stand — keg and tree not included — and they will be available for purchase starting at 10 a.m. ET on November 10 at while supplies last. You can thank us later.

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