Luke Bryan Let Some Shirtless Guy Dance On Stage With Him At A Show In Florida

Luke Bryan packed about a week’s worth of activities into one day last Saturday. It all started in Tampa, Florida and it ended there that night with his concert. He gave the crowd a recap of it all, and somebody got it on video.

Luke said on stage, “this morning we pulled up here at 7:00 a.m. So, I woke up at seven, I got on a plane, I flew to Athens, Georgia. I went on College GameDay’. I went to my nephew’s house. I did a keg stand. I started drinking cold beer, then I went to Peyton Manning’s place. Me and him drank some beers, then I went out and watched football all day. I’ve been drinking beer since 10:30 in the morning.”

He added, “I told everybody on ‘GameDay’, ‘Don’t be trying to get your damn money back from the show tonight, alright?’ ‘Cause my ass is killin’ it right now. I don’t need no One Star Yelp review. I’m a Five Star recruit tonight.”

Did that lead to a wild show? You damn right it did. At one point a shirtless guy jumped onto the stage, but instead of having security drag him off, Luke let him dance around and act a fool. Basically he let that man live his best life for a minute. Somebody posted that fine moment on TikTok.

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