Ashley McBryde Opens Up About Last Year’s Fall From A Horse That Almost Killed Her

A new episode of Ashley McBryde’s YouTube series “Made for This” drops tomorrow and she’s opening up more about last year’s fall from a horse that almost took her life.

She was horseback riding in Montana when she fell and landed on her head. She postponed some concerts after it happened, and ended up with a bad concussion and stitches in her head. It was a lot worse than it sounds.

Ashley said “ life saving measures” had to be taken and the people who were with her literally breathed life back into her body. She posted a short clip from tomorrow’s episode where she gets pretty emotional talking about it.  

She doesn’t say all of this in the clip, but basically her horse got spooked and started running. Ashley’s foot slipped out of a stirrup, and physics took over.

The good news is she’s doing great, and recently went back to the ranch to get some closure. She’s been out touring for over a year, and she’s set to become an official member of the Grand Ole Opry one month from today.

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