Luke Bryan’s Wife Caroline Had Unexpected Hip Surgery, Will There Be A “12 Days of Pranksmas”?

This is going to sound selfish, because it is. Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline had “unexpected” hip surgery but there’s hope that it won’t stop her from torturing Luke in their yearly “12 Days of Pranksmas”.

I’m able to say that because she seems to be doing very well. She posted photos and videos from the Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee.  She he has a great sense of humor about the whole thing. 

In one pic she’s wearing scrubs and giving two thumbs up. There’s a clip of her friends keeping her company, and one is holding up a T-shirt that says, “Straight Outta Hip Surgery”. There are several silly stickers attached to her walker.

She didn’t reveal why she had the surgery, so there’s no timeline on her recovery.

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