Brantley Gilbert Is California Sober, But He Still Recommends Treatment

Brantley Gilbert took his last drink back on December 18th, 2011. Of course that doesn’t mean he’s been totally clean since then. In a recent interview he was asked how long he’s been sober. 

He said, “to be completely honest and transparent, I have to be respectful to the folks in the recovery community that are absolutely sober. I have to be careful with the definition of sober. I’m ‘California Sober’ if that makes any sense. I’m a Willie Nelson fan.” In his case, that means he smokes weed but stays away from everything else. 

If you’re struggling with addiction and thinking about following his lead, he recommends getting help first.  Brantley added, “I really try to turn people on to the professionals who are trained, because treatment is really the only way to go.”

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