STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: A Hospital Patient Kept Unplugging Her Roommate’s Ventilator, Because The Sound Was Annoying

If you’re ever in the hospital, it might be worth springing for that private room. Especially if you’re stupid and easily annoyed.

A 72-year-old hospital patient in Germany just got arrested for unplugging her roommate’s VENTILATOR, because the sound of it was annoying her.  

The other patient was a 79-year-old lady who needed the ventilator to breathe and…ya know, stay alive.

She did it once, and hospital staff told her not to do it again. They made sure she understood that the ventilator was a life-or-death thing for the woman.

But then she did it again later that night anyway, and almost killed her. Doctors had to revive the woman, and luckily she made it.

The lady who did it was in court on Wednesday. She’s facing charges for attempted manslaughter.  

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