STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: A Hamster Chewed Through A Wall Into A Neighbor’s Apartment

Have you ever lived in an apartment with paper-thin walls? It’s usually the noise that gets you, not this.

A college kid in Illinois named McKenna Buchanan posted a TikTok video after her neighbor’s HAMSTER chewed through their shared wall and popped its head out of the hole.

It was a small hole at first, and she heard a weird sound.  So she texted her roommate for help.

She said something was digging into their place, and the roommate’s reply was, “Um…WHAT?”

The hamster…whose name is Linda…eventually popped her head out. She wouldn’t come out of the wall, so they had to lure her out with tortilla chips.

McKenna let her neighbor know what happened, and Linda is back home. It’s not clear who’s paying to fix the wall, but their landlord can’t be thrilled about it.

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