STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: A Florida Man Hit His Wife With A Christmas Tree After Being Asked To Help With Dinner

There is no reason to involve a Christmas tree in your personal arguments. This Florida man allegedly hit his wife with a Christmas tree after she asked for help with making dinner, authorities said.

The arrest report states Richard Atchison became angry when his wife asked for help making dinner Monday night.

They started arguing and Atchison told police he lost his temper when his wife allegedly slammed a spoon into hot food that splashed on his face.

He told his wife he was leaving, packed clothes and then walked out to his truck. According to the report, he came back inside since he had been drinking and told his wife to leave instead. Of course alcohol was involved. It’s the reason for fighting.

The arrest affidavit states she tried to leave but Atchison pushed her away from the door, so she went into the living room. That’s when Atchison allegedly picked up the Christmas tree and threw it at her. Poor tree.

Atchison’s wife went into the bedroom to separate herself from him and to call authorities for help, according to the arrest report.

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