Brantley Gilbert Is Excited About Giving Fans New Music In 2023

Brantley Gilbert just released his latest album, So Help Me God,” featuring his new single, “Heaven by Then,” with Blake Shelton, featuring Vince Gill, last month.

Brantley is usually known for putting out new albums every couple of years, but when we asked him what he’s looking forward to in 2023, it sounds like he may be looking to speed that process up for his fans.

Brantley said in a recent interview, “I’m excited about gettin’ ready to go write in February, another Texas trip. That usually starts the process, so we’ll be workin’ on a new record. I’ve already been working on it since we finalized the tracklist for this one. I’m always workin’ on what’s next. And to be honest with you, there’s so much in the windshield I don’t have time to look in the rearview. There’s a lot in front of us. I got a lot of work to do.”

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