STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: A Guy Lost His Savings After Hiding $20,000 In His Chimney

You could keep your money in a bank or an actual safe. There are also a lot of fun ways you could burn through your life savings…or you could just literally do it.

A man in Italy is trying to recover more than $20,000 in government bonds after he decided to hide them up his CHIMNEY.

He was worried about burglars finding them in his apartment in Rome. So he stashed them in his chimney and didn’t tell anyone, including his wife.

She decided to light a fire around Christmas, and all the bonds burned up. He said he walked in, saw the fire, and almost passed out.

Government bonds in Italy come with serial numbers. So if you have the numbers and lose the bonds, you can get them reissued.

It’s not clear if he’s been able to track the numbers down though. 

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