The “Dixie” Chicks Announced A Las Vegas Residency In May…And I Don’t Really Give A Damn

The Dixie…I mean The Chicks will be doing their first-ever Las Vegas residency this coming May.

They’re going to be posted up at the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood and it begins May 3rd. They said, quote, “we hope our fans are ready for more in 2023 because we are not done! There is a lot more to come this year.” Tickets go on sale Friday at Ticketmaster.

As for me personally I love the The “Dixie” Chicks music. They put out some of the best country music to date when their first album, “Wide Open Spaces,” came out in 1998. Then Natalie Manes started saying hateful things. It’s almost like her mouth overruns her brain. She’s rude to me and I wouldn’t walk across the street to pay money for a ticket to one of their shows.

I will stream their first three albums though somedays…because I ain’t stupid. My ears love good music.

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