Stop Everything Right Now Because King George Strait Is Working On A New Album

George Strait never goes out of style, so when he even hints about recording new music, I listen.”Cowboys & Indians” magazine asked what kind of lyrics he looks for in a song, and that’s when he tipped us off.

George said, “I like making records and plan on doing another one soon. I’m narrowing down my song choices now.” 

As you probably know, George seldom writes his own songs, but he’s brilliant at picking good ones. I mean, the man has sold over 120 million records.

As for what he looks for in a song, it has to have a great melody, and if the lyrics are also good, then he’s interested. Quote, “A great lyric along with a great melody is obviously what you’re looking to create.”

So, there will be new music, but it’ll be a while before we hear it because he’s still searching for songs.

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