STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: Amazon Sent A Guy Dog Food . . . Instead Of An iPhone He Paid For?

We’ve all experienced a lost package…or a damaged one but have you ever received something complete different from what you ordered?

A man in the U.K. recently ordered an iPhone from Amazon, but when the box arrived, it only contained a small package of dog food from an Irish company called Naturo.

It’s unclear how much the dog food was worth, but the man paid over $1,000 for an iPhone. I’m assuming the dog food wasn’t even near the $1,000 price tag.

Amazon initially refused to issue a refund, but the man told the local news about it, and their investigators reached out to Amazon. 

Within minutes, an Amazon rep called the man and apologized. They also issued him a full refund..and told him they’d be conducting an internal review to figure out what happened. 

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