Which Country Star Has The Most Insane Mansion?

If you want to feel lame and inadequate. Well…this list is for you. AllCountryNews.com posted their favorite homes owned by country’s biggest stars. George Strait’s 8,000-square-foot place in San Antonio made the list. 

So did Shania Twain’s vacation spot in the Bahamas…because why wouldn’t it?

Then we have Taylor Swift’s absurd, $17 million beachfront mansion in Rhode Island. Which is one of the most valuable properties in the whole state. Another reason to hate her. At least for me.

Alan Jackson’s old house looks like something out of a fairytale. His house was located in Franklin, TN. Which is about a 45 minute drive from Nashville. His hilltop mansion sold for $19 million in 2021, contains a bar, piano room, pool house, and outdoor kitchen, among countless other luxuries.

If you’d like to keep strolling down rich lane visit AllCountryNews.com.

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