Willie Nelson Did A Bic Lighter Commercial with Snoop Dogg And Martha Stewart…He’s Also Releasing A New Album

Willie Nelson once said he’d rather die than retire, and he was not kidding. He’s got a bunch of stuff going on right now…including a funny Bic lighter commercial that also stars Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart.

It shows Willie using a Bic to light up a fat…candle. Then he gets a video call from Snoop who lost his Bic, followed by Martha who pops up looking for her candle. Willie plays innocent as he lights his “favorite herb scent” candle.

There’s also music news from Willie. He’s going to release a new album on March 3rd. It’s a tribute to legendary Nashville songwriter Harlan Howard, and it’s called “I Don’t Know a Thing About Love”

Harlan has written hits for Ray Charles, Patsy Cline, and Conway Twitty. He’s also the guy who described country music as “three chords and the truth”.

The album’s first single is Willie’s take on “Busted”. Did we mention Willie will be turning 90 on April 29th? 

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